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Letter Opener (Brass)


The letter opener is Izolas first venture into the world of office wares.̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_ It is a bold object and a perfect addition to the desk landscape. Constructed from brass-plated alloy, and equipped with a hole to hang it by, the functionality of this piece extends beyond what the name suggests.̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_ Engraved on one side are centimeter metrics measuring up to 15 centimeters and the slogan, ?æäÌÝÌÒ??‰ۡó»‰ۡÌÝÌá‰ۡó»??Break the rules.?æäÌÝÌÒ??‰ۡó»_??‰ۡó»‰ۡÌÝÌá_ On the other side are inch metrics, measuring up to six inches and exclaiming, ?æäÌÝÌÒ??‰ۡó»‰ۡÌÝÌá‰ۡó»??Follow the rules.?æäÌÝÌÒ??‰ۡó»_? ̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_

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