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PDF instruction

  • 30 models to build.


  • Including step by step printed instructions for 4 selected models.
  • All 30 models can be viewed as interactive 3D instructions online, either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets by downloading the free ENGINO 3D Viewer app for Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems.
  • Use the 3D Viewer app to manipulate the model, zoom in and out, rotate, explode and implode!
  • Electrical motor included with dual rotating direction switch.
  • Vibrant green coloured parts.̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_
  • Recommended for ages 6-14+
  • Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle.
  • Extraction tool for easy disassembly.̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_
  • 3D interactive instructions to download on your smart device.̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_
  • Easy-to-follow building instructions.
  • All parts are non-toxic and made to last.

    Improve your building skills with the 30 in 1 MOTORIZED models package! Pick up things with ease using motor power on the two models of Material lift and Crane. Create amazing vehicles like speedy Formulas and Racers, a Mini Buggy for tough roads, two types of Tricycles and a classic Scooter. If you imagine yourself flying you can take up the skies with a selection of large Helicopters and Airplanes. The set also includes a variety of awesome model-animals to build such as a Crocodile, a Dinosaur, a Dog, a Kangaroo, a Duck and even a mythical Dragon! You can find printed building instructions for 4 selected models in the booklet included. All 30 models are available as interactive 3D instructions viewed either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets through the ENGINO 3D Viewer app, downloadable for free in Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems.

    The INVENTOR̢̍‰ۡ?ÌÎÌÊÌÇÌ_ MOTORIZED series is suitable for users who literally "play to invent"! The packages increase in size and number of models to build, starting from the 30 models set and moving up to 50, 90 and 120 models set! The constructions are large in size and more elaborate, incorporating advanced technical features. Selected models can be brought to life once animated with the high torque geared motor.

    ENGINO̢̍‰ۡ?ÌÎÌÊÌÇÌ_ TOY SYSTEM is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today! What makes this product so unique is the variety of innovations in functionality and efficiency. The patented design of the parts allows snap-fit connectivity of up to 6 sides simultaneously! Triangulation is easily achievable with the TEE and ELBOW connectors without the trouble of having any protruding elements, while the extendable rods offer accurate lengths within the point of a millimetre! With the ENGINO system the creation of any angle is possible either by using the fixed 45 degrees connector or the pivoted joint part. Every set is specially designed to be both creative and educational, unleashing childrens imagination and making learning fun.

    30 Models Motorized Set (multi models)
    Weight 0.65̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_kg
    Width x Length x Height 5.90̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_x̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_38.00̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_x̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_28.00̢̍‰ۡ?‰ۡÌÝÌá_cm
    Barcode 5291664001488

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