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Book-Build your own chain reaction

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With Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines, you‰ۡó»ll create thirteen zany and awesome̴Ì_mechanical contraptions using stuff from around the house.

Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines is inspired by the amazing artwork of renowned cartoonist, engineer, and inventor Rube Goldberg, whose wacky, imagined machines̴Ì_accomplished tasks by taking the most complicated route possible. This̴Ì_book invites kids to this wonderful world of̴Ì_creating crazy̴Ì_contraptions.

In this entertaining and instructive̴Ì_book, mechanical engineer and educator Paul Long gives step-by-step instructions for making̴Ì_low-tech devices̴Ì_using everyday objects in inspired and ingenious ways. Create̴Ì_machines that flip a light switch, squeeze̴Ì_toothpaste, dispense candy, make̴Ì_music, and more.

Each of the̴Ì_thirteen projects demonstrates how to build the machine's various̴Ì_elements, and̴Ì_explains how they work together to̴Ì_make a mind-boggling mechanism̴Ì_that delivers hours of fun and fascination. Also included are interesting sidebars on the science behind each gadget, plus tips and tricks for success.

Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines gives you the know-how to start your own fantastic chain reactions.

160 pages

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