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Show our faith and love with deeds.

Starting from 2020, we would like to implement a new scheme to show our faith and love with deeds. The organisation we donate will subject to change periodically depends on the needs.

We specially changed this collection from sale to donation . 

Noir Koi will donate an amount correlated for every items sold in this collection “Donation”.

Donation to NSW Rural Fire Service .
Reason: Bushfires in Australia
Validity: 7-Jan-2020 to 15-Jan-2020 
Donation  to Hong Kong Red Cross
 16-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020
Donation to Unicef Hong Kong
Validity: 01-Feb-2020 to 15-Feb-2020
Donation to World Vision Hong Kong
Validity: 01-Mar-2020 to 31-Mar-2020
Donation to Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
Validity: 01-Apr-2020 to 30-Apr-2020
Donation to World Food Programme
Validity: 01-May-2020 to 31-May-2020
Donation to 銀杏館愛心飯盒
Validity: 01-June-2020 to 30-June-2020
Donation to UNHCR
Validity: 01-July-2020 to 31-July-2020

Donation to Project HOPE
Validity: 01-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020
Donation to WWF Hong Kong
Validity: 01-Sep-2020 to 30-Sep-2020
Donation to ACA (Against Child Abuse) 
Validity : 01-Oct-2020 to 31-Oct-2020

Donation to World food programme
validity: in year 2021

Correlated amount calculation : 50% 

**The donation will be made under the name of Noir Koi Limited but we will send you the donation receipt thereafter