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Joyful Rewards

Turn your spending in Noir Koi Store to JOYFUL REWARDS
Every HKD 1 = 1 Joyful Points, then REDEEM GIFTS!
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Here is the list of GIFTS offered for JOYFUL REWARDS

How to redeem?

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on the circular rewards button in the right bottom corner
  3. Click "All rewards" and "REDEEM" the gift you wish
  4. A discount code will pop up
  5. Please put the same item in CART and use the given discount code to check out

Please note that only one discount code can be used each time.

Validity of the points:
If no any earning or spending of the JOYFUL POINTS within 6 months, it will be expired automatically. You may receive a reminder before expiry date.
**In case the gifts you redeem is out of stock, we will return points for you to exchange other gifts.**
**We don't accept any refund , returns or exchange of the gifts we sent.**
**We hold all the right to amend or terminate this programme anytime without prior notice. Thank you.** 
 **Sign up is very easy. Remember to use same email address and log in before check out**
Joyful Points  Redeem gifts Value  
500 Happy Handkerchief - made in Japan - Pink HKD 50
500 Double Flavoured Birthday Cake HKD 170 Double Flavoured Birthday Cake
500 Power Bank 4000mAh HKD 200 Power Bank 4000mAh - Love each other
800 Little Light Brontosaurus HKD 100
800 20% OFF discount on Quadrilla collection
900 Roller Derby HKD 270
1000 Garden Salad HKD 220 Garden Salad
1000 HABA - My first game Hanna Honeybee 2+ HKD 290 HABA-My very first game - Hanna Honeybee (2 years+)

HABA Portable game - ROX 

HKD150 HABA-card game - ROX (7Y-99)
1200 Shopping cart HKD350
1300 5 Pcs meal set HKD 220
1500 Neon Style Light - Love HKD 450
1600 60*120 fitted Sheet -Mares Light HKD 280 BB?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴Ìà_ÌÇÌ_ crib cot fitted sheet
1600 60*120 fitted sheet - Mares Dark HKD 280 BB?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴Ìà_ÌÇÌ_ crib cot fitted sheet
1600 60*120 fitted sheet - Fauna HKD 280 BB?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴?ó»ÌÎÌÊ__?‰ۡó»̴Ìà_ÌÇÌ_ crib cot fitted sheet
2300 Imabari - Classic Towel set HKD 350 Imabari Made Classic Towel Gift set
1500 HABA Board game - Monster Cake HKD 450 HABA-Board Game - MONSTER BAKE (5Y-99)
2000 Mares crib bumper HKD 680
Crib Bumper - Mares Dark
2500 Knot Blue wool blanket HKD 750 Knots Blue Wool Blanket
3000 Big Cloud light HKD 570 BIG CLOUD LIGHT
5000 Cross Teepee HKD 1700



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