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NOC certified organic cotton.Made in Japan.

  • None of chemical processing is applied, therefore, shrinkage, design distortion and other may occur following laundry. 
  • Natural color (white, brown, or green) of cotton fiber has a variety of color tones and lightness. The color may change depending on ultraviolet rays, washing, and so on.

NOC Poverty Relief Fund: Donation of 2 yen is included in each NOC label. The collected money has been used to improve the livelihoods of Indian and Tanzanian farmers, such as construction of wells and schools, and enhancement of medical services.

100% Organic Process of Organic Cotton:

NOC cotton uses 100% certified organic cotton, and complies with NOC Cotton Standard from weaving up to the process of finishing, which ensures that our products are made with the conscience of producers. 

  1. Soil: Built using organic fertilizer, without any use of chemicals for 3 years or more.
  2. Cotton farming: No chemical pesticide such as insecticide nor herbicide is used. Instead, predatory insects including ladybugs are used for pest control.
  3. Cotton cropping: Carefully picked out one by one with the hands of people, rather than use of large cutting machines and pesticides (defoliants).
  4. Cotton yarn finishing: Following the rules of Organic certification, the cotton is processed to yarn using beeswax, with great care of natural environment and health of our product users. To make sure to provide pure 100% organic cotton, yarn is made from the raw materials produced within one same production area.
  5. Processing of our products: All Angele Star Products are produced in Japanese factories, using the organic processing method which provides safety, security, and reliability to Angele Star users.